Crane Modernization

Improve Crane Performance with a Modernized Crane

When it comes to meeting the evolving needs of your business, it’s crucial that your cranes are equipped with the latest technology, features, and functions. While in some cases a new crane is the right solution, often it can make sense to upgrade your existing crane. At Washington Crane & Hoist we specialize in modernizing cranes to make them more efficient, profitable, and safe for many years to come.   

Reduce Operating and Maintenance Costs

Modernizing your existing crane can save you as much as 50 percent in comparison to buying new equipment, but it also saves you money in other ways. Crane modernization can extend the service life of your equipment, increase equipment reliability, and help you avoid unscheduled downtime and increased production costs. A key component of our crane modernization programs is minimizing the impact that servicing can have on your production schedule. We often perform modernizations during routine facility shutdowns or between operating shifts to allow you to keep your project goals on track.

Washington Crane & Hoists’
Modernization Programs