24-Hour Emergency Repair, 7 Days A Week

We understand how important it is to keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently. One out-of-service crane or hoist can lead to downtime for your whole operation. That’s why emergency breakdowns are our service team’s top priority. Our customers count on our unique ability to provide quality equipment repair faster than the competition. Unplanned equipment failures are never ideal, but if you ever find yourself in need of an emergency repair you can rely on Washington Crane & Hoist for:

Expert Repair Technicians

Our service technicians specialize in repairing and maintaining overhead crane systems and have received extensive factory training from major manufacturers such as P&H, Shaw-Box, Yale, Harrington, Demag, Street, R&M, JD Neuhaus, Ingersoll Rand, Goracon and CM. We know how to quickly identify the source of equipment issues and provide an innovative solution to restore your equipment to full production.