Comprehensive Crane Inspection

Due to the hazards of working with equipment in elevated environments, state and federal agencies have established many regulations for overhead crane systems, including code compliance, documentation, and operator training. Ensuring that your material handling systems are in compliance will not only protect your business, it will also ensure that your workers are protected. Washington Crane & Hoist is here to help your company meet these obligations and keep your employees safe.

Careful Investigation; Critical Examination

Some inspection companies define inspection as walking around your shop floor, performing an operation test of your overhead crane system, and giving you a piece of paper showing an inspection has been completed. There are some critical components missing from this process, including inspection of the area where the equipment is suspended, removal of covers to inspect brakes and limit switches, and assessment of structural components, connections, and safety features.

At Washington Crane & Hoist we’re not just checking boxes. Yes, we review the aspects of your equipment required to meet federal inspection requirements – but we also take it a step further to help you ensure your employees, investment, and production line are secured. Our inspections cover every operating mechanism, all wear items, safety features, structural components, bolted and welded connections, and code compliance. During the inspection we’ll perform minor repairs such as adjusting limit switches and brakes in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.